Welcome to the page of « Les Amitiés Belgo-polonaises » a.s.b.l. – a non-profit association registered in 2003 (Statute). The idea of its creation was born much earlier. 

In the nineties, being present in different environments of Polish immigrants in Belgium, I noticed that the poor knowledge of foreign languages was the obstacle to the communication in everyday life. Nothing strange, the old communist system did not offer many possibilities to learn English or French, and the rare occasions were mainly in big cities and in narrow range. The whole situation made it difficult for Polish people abroad to communicate. As foreign languages have always been my passion, I decided to do something in this field. 

At that time, I started my activities individually, which very quickly occurred insufficient.

When Poland joined NATO, many Polish people started to come to work in Belgium and their families needed to learn French very quickly. 

Later, together with the wave of new immigrants and workers coming to the European institutions, new problems appeared, mainly of psychological origin. Many children or youngsters, taken off their homeland, could not adapt themselves to a new environment or situation. In connection with this, some help with stress management or socio-psychological support was needed. 

In reply to the demand in those changing conditions, the association « Les Amitiés Belgo-polonaises » e.m. ??? Polish-Belgian Friends was created. 

Nowadays, the association is well-known in the Polish circles and institutions, e.g. in the Polish Mission for NATO or the European Commission and it is recommended by many Poles. 

We are always open and eager to participate in cultural and educational activities. Please, do not hesitate to contact us regarding new initiatives or ideas. 

You are welcome to find out more about us on these pages.


Joanna Łacna